Braces: Are They Right For You?

Corrective dental braces have a high rate of success in both children and adults. They provide you with oral health benefits beyond a perfect smile. When your teeth are crooked or overcrowded it can make it difficult to properly brush and floss your teeth. As a result, you are more prone to the following difficulties:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Bone erosion
  • Abnormal wear
  • TMJ pain
  • Headaches

As you can see, braces can help save you and your teeth from a number of health problems later in life!

When Should You Get Braces?

Ideally, treatment with braces would begin between 7 and 14 years old. Not everyone is able to get braces during that time frame, though, and it’s becoming more common for adults to get braces later in life. It’s never too late to correct your teeth and get that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Some of the signs and symptoms that you need braces are:

  • Visibly crooked or crowded teeth.
  • Difficulty flossing between or around teeth.
  • Frequently biting or cutting your tongue on your teeth.
  • Teeth that don’t close properly when your jaw is closed.
  • Difficulty pronouncing certain sounds because of your tongue’s position under your teeth.
  • Jaws that click or make noise when you chew.
  • Stress on your jaw after chewing food.

If you notice your child has any of the above symptoms, bring them in for an evaluation by one of our dentists specializing in smile makeovers. Starting treatment early can help to simplify the treatment later.

Types of Braces

The most common types of braces are fixed and removable. 

We offer these types of fixed braces:

  • Conventional braces- these require metal or elastic ties to hold the wire in place.
  • Self-litigating braces- they do not require metal or elastic ties and can create proper tooth alignment faster. They are more comfortable than traditional braces and require fewer adjustments.
  • Ceramic braces- they are less noticeable than normal metal braces as they blend in with the natural color of your teeth. Because they are made from porcelain, they are generally more expensive and prone to damage.

Removable braces, also called aligners, are used only when your teeth need to be moved horizontally. To learn more about the removable braces we offer, see our pages on Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™.

How Much Do They Cost?

Every individual is different and their treatment plan will be tailored to their precise needs. During the initial visit, we will discuss the best treatment for your needs and will outline your treatment plan, the expected time for treatment, and the approximate cost.

Bain Dental Group is Proud to Offer Smile Makeovers for Children and Adults

At Bain Dental Group, our goal is to provide our patients with a comprehensive approach to dentistry. This is why we are proud to offer you multiple options for teeth straightening treatment for both children and adults!

With offices in Villa Rica, Bowdon, and Carrollton, Georgia, we can offer same-day treatment and accept most dental insurances.

Come to Bain Dental Group for your smile makeover needs. Make your appointment today!

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