Sleep More Restfully with A Custom-Fitted Snore Guard

Whether you sleep peacefully and don’t realize you’re snoring away until your partner wakes you? Maybe you’re frequently abruptly woken up by your own snoring? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans across the nation suffer from pesky snoring problems that negatively affect their sleep. But, we have a treatment option that can help rid you of snoring for good!

At Bain Dental Group we outfit patients daily with snore guard appliances that help you sleep more peacefully and restfully. These innovative, easy-to-use devices can help treat snoring immediately upon introduction to your nighttime routine!

What is a Snore Guard?

A snore guard is an oral appliance that helps keep your jaw and tongue in place, keeping your airway free for easy breathing.

Unlike their drugstore counterparts, our custom-fitted snore guards molded from plastic fit perfectly to your mouth while you wait in the dentist chair! If your snore guard isn’t properly fitted, it will not be effective. This is why we recommend you come to the office for a consultation and fitting for your snore guard! Our compassionate staff understands just how difficult it can be to live with the negative effects of snoring and lack of sleep. We’re here to help you find relief!

It’s a non-invasive snoring treatment option that provides affordable long-term relief. You’ll sleep restfully, feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day!

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